• mike higgins

    The author states “We need to be able to discuss these types of subjects comfortably and overcome them in a civil matter, and thus we can make the perfect work environment.” Which is exactly what James Damore tried to do when he described what he thought were problems within Google (which he backed up with legitimate studies/research)! Yet the author bemoans Damore due to a difference of opinion. So the author wants “open ideas” and “new ways of thinking” yet still wants people “comfortable.” This article is a mess and it shows the lack of real world experience the author has in the workplace. If people are afraid to give opinions and share honest feedback it will just lead to regression of critical thinking and a lack of new ideas.

  • FreedomFirst

    “For me, it seems that gender inequality is still a major issue in our world today”

    Indeed it is. Men die 98-2 in war, 95-5 on the job and 5 years earlier than women in the mortality tables, yet feminists and their traitorous male toadies still spread facile fantasies about the imaginary ‘gender pay gap’ AS IF women are paid less for the same work. Worse, male writers like the one who wrote the OP completely ignore the perilous plight of their own brothers and attack men who are fired for truth. I think The Red Pill by Cassie Jaye is in order.

    • Valence

      I had posts backing Damore’s science but they didn’t make it through moderation. We are talking the heterdox academy and psychology today…
      Damore never said women are inferior coders, his primary arguments were about interest and career choice.

      • FreedomFirst

        Of course.

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