Counseling Center hosts suicide awareness event

9 months ago Comments Off on Counseling Center hosts suicide awareness event

Sam Houston State University wants to provide students with the tools they need to understand that suicide is not the answer. Many students around college campuses take their lives, and sometimes all it could’ve taken was someone to talk to for them to change their mind.

Yesterday the SHSU Counseling Center hosted a Suicide Awareness Event along with Residence Life and The Office of Health Promotion. This event was for students to come out and learn about suicide prevention, and how to help someone who may be in need.

There was a resource table with pamphlets about information on suicide, an informational walk, and support beads.

The counseling center wants students and staff to know that anyone is able to come to the event whether you’ve lost a friend or family member to suicide, or if you’ve tried to take your own life. The resources at this event will help prevention and to whoever is struggling.

The goal is to bring awareness and support to whoever may need it.

For more information about the event, contact the Counseling Center at (936) 294-1720.