URS highlights student research

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The Elliot T. Bowers Honors College will host the 10th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) this Saturday from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. The Honors College will provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks at the end of the symposium at the award ceremony.

Associate Dean of the Elliot T. Bowers Honors College Tracy Bilsing is in charge of running the URS and said preparations for the this year’s URS began right after last year’s concluded.

The URS intends to emulate the experience of a professional conference.

“We want students, audience members, and presenters to stay the entire day and not just to present so they can put the presentation on their résumé, but to see what their colleagues and the university community are doing with their own research,” Bilsing said.

According to Bilsing, research does not have to be completed.

“It can be ongoing research, especially if you’re in the sciences or even in the humanities,” Bilsing said. “You can certainly present a research agenda. And so, if you had not completed research by the time the Research Symposium comes up, you can either attend as an audience member to see what’s going on or you can present research you have completed in prior semesters.”

Bilsing hopes that students will apply their experience at the URS outside of college.

“I hope that they get so excited about their research that they continue their research but also to take it to the next level, possibly to graduate school,” Bilsing said. “Or maybe once they graduate they could find some way to use what they’ve learned at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in their research in their own career path.”

Registration to present at the URS opened in October and concluded March 15. Audience sign-ups to attend the URS concluded on March 31.