• Susan Copersino Hayes

    This article is ludicrous and has very little validity. It is unfortunate that people of color seem to have ways that are illegal but you can’t fault the police force for taking care of business and enforcing the law that is what “we the people” pay them to do, that is a part of their protection to the community. Huntsville does not thrive on sending people to prison as this article makes it seem it just is that society today and parents allow their children to run roughshod and that gets them in trouble with the law. To be quite honest I think that the law is very lacked in Huntsville Texas as I know many people that should be behind bars, yet aren’t. I would appreciate for the Houstonian to report news that is honest and accurate and not the garbage that they so often report.

    • Sarah Hagler

      This is an opinion piece. You have your opinion, and the writer has theirs.

  • The Truth

    I love the article! You’re right and thanks for being bold enough to speak truth that some people hate to hear.

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