SMMC to host “Jeopardy” for opportunity to win $1000

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The Student Money Management Center will host its first “Jeopardy” at Student Affairs Annex (SAAX) 129 at 919 Bearkat Blvd tonight at 6 p.m.

All seven eligible contestants accepted the invitation via e-mail and will participate to become the “Student Money Management’s Student Of The Year” and win a $1000 scholarship for next semester. SMMC selected contestants on if these students attended five SMMC sessions prior to “Jeopardy”.

SMMC’s “Jeopardy” functions similarly to the game show as each contestant must be the first to click on a question with a clicker to answer it and that higher amounts correlates to harder questions. All questions are based off financial literacy information SMMC gave over this year. Based off demonstrations from test trials earlier in the week (the last one being on Friday), SMMC expects the game will last about an hour.

According to the Director of the SMMC Patsy Collins, the game Jeopardy was chosen because it allows many players.

“With Jeopardy, we have some clickers we can use,” Collins said. “We have seven contestants that made the criteria and then signed up to play, so we’ve got more players than the game of Monopoly.”

Collins explains that in order to give students scholarships throughout the year, they had to cut back in other areas.

“We cut back in other areas to put the money intentionally towards scholarships,” Collins said. “It’s also to bring home what we’re about because we’re potentially helping a student develop an income stream.”

Collins suggests that even if students cannot participate in the game, they should come to learn more about financial literacy.

“Well number one, not only is it going to be fun, but number two, they will learn from the questions we’re asking,” Collins said. “It’s from the other workshops so it’d be a way to see information that was given out at other workshops throughout the year and if had attended some of those workshops to go, ‘Oh, I knew the answer to that, I should’ve and then won.’ It’s really about getting them interested in financial literacy.”

Collins hopes that hosting Jeopardy in the SAAX building will increase SMMC’s visibility.

“We want people to know where we are,” Collins said. “One of the most valuable services that we offer is the private coaching session. So a lot of times, after we have events here, students will actually start asking us some questions. So we can bring them back here to our office and A) help them immediately or B) set up an appointment where they come back and talk to us at another time, then they know where our building is so they come back more readily.”