Democrats rally against Trump

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On Saturday, April 15, the Walker County Democratic party gathered demanding Donald Trump’s tax returns. The rally was part of a worldwide rally organized by social media. The rally took place on the traditional tax day, however, because of the Easter holiday and Emancipation day on Monday, was extended to Tuesday the 18.

The local democrats marched from the Downtown Huntsville office around the entire downtown area. Over 20 protesters joined to voice their anger. The only tax returns released have been from 2005 by Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. They showed that Trump paid 25 percent of his income to taxes and made 150 million, much below what he claims he’s worth. Many believe he was responsible for the leak.

Trump is the only president or presidential candidate never to be transparent with their tax returns. Many believe he either does not pay taxes, is not as rich as he claims, or that there may be something more nefarious. The local democrats said that the protest was also to tighten up tax codes with allow the rich to go around laws to avoid paying taxes.

The local rally saw protesters from all over Walker County and some from the Woodlands and beyond. There was a larger rally held in Houston, so local democrats saw the attendance a success. Their next rally will take place in two weeks to raise awareness for climate change.