Backpack To Briefcase Panel to educate students

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April has been a busy and eventful month here at Sam Houston State.

For this month, the Communication Department and Career Service got together to host the backpack to briefcase panel event.

These events are held in the Olsen Auditorium in AB IV. The third and last one will be about networking and having communication in the workplace.

In the panels, so far “Communicating Power in Business and Relationships” and “Leaning In: Breaking the Glass Ceiling” there have been good guest speakers who talk about the different struggles in life and how to overcome them.

They talk about how to build some skills for personal relationships and in the workplace.

When in the workplace being able to respect, have an ethical behavior, setting goals, and constructive criticism are very important.

The panels detail on these skills and how to improve or build them. The guests have experience on leadership skills and have been very successful in their careers.

The most recent panel consisted of Women in our community as leaders including Terri Jaggers who oversees organizing these panels.

Jaggers told students that whatever they decide to do in life to “own it, be bold in it”.

She wants women/girls in the community to understand that owning what you are is what is right.

Being confident in your own skin is what all the panelists talked about.

Angela Sweet an actress since she was nine and gave students some good advice on how to connect with people, “work and be with people that believe in you, people who are influencers and build you up.”

All these ladies had good things about how to overcome barriers in the workplace that have to do with gender.

Senior Michelle Parker has attended the past two panels and will attend the last one as well.

“I really have enjoyed the last two panels interesting people with much wisdom to speak about,” Parker said. “I am hoping that with this last one I can really get connected with some of them and start networking for when I graduate in August.”

The last panel will consist of all male executives who will discuss “Successful Networking and Workplace Communication.”

They will also talk about the soft skills needed in the workplace to maintain respect, ethics, and good collaboration. This event hopes that it has and will capture the minds of students on campus to lead them towards the right path upon graduation.

If you have any questions regarding the panels contact Terri Jaggers.