SHSU Shoots For Gold

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Sam Houston State University ROTC was victorious over Stephen F. Austin in the Battle of the Piney Woods Shootout last Friday.

Not only did SHSU win the competition, but also Individual Best Shooter award which was awarded to Cadet Devin Kamyk for shooting the ALT C Course with a score of 35 out of 40.

“Both schools fought hard for the win but SHSU finished for the win with a score of 528 to 488,” said Kamyk.
Cadet Officer Gregory Curtola said that the competition is meant to enhance the camaraderie between the two rival schools.

“The Piney Woods Shootout is a friendly competition between our rival school’s ROTC in order to enhance camaraderie between the cadets in both programs,” said Cadet Officer Gregory Curatola. “SHSU and SFA cadets have to work together in various events throughout the year such as the joint field training exercise.”

This year the event was held by SFA in Nacogdoches at their range near campus.

The competition consisted of 3 main events a standard U.S Army qualification ALT C Marksmanship test, a gong shoot, and a tree shoot. All events have a strict time limit.

During the ALT C course, which is the standard U.S. Army Weapons Qualification test, each cadet starts with 40 rounds and has 2 minutes to shoot at a standard U.S Army qualification target.

“The cadets must switch between the Prone supported, Prone unsupported and Kneeling positions throughout the test,” said Kamyk.

In the Gong Shoot, each cadet starts with 15 rounds and has 1 minute to shoot gongs of 4 different colors at varying distances as they pop up, each gong being a different number of points for each confirmed hit.

“Black 100m 5 points, Blue 75m 3 points, Red 50m 2 points, White 35m 1 point”, said Kamyk. “Every 5 rounds the shooters had to then switch to the next position of the three mentioned, reload the weapon, and shoot 5 more”.

The Tree Shoot consists of each school having two teams of 4 cadets. Each cadet will have 5 rounds loaded in their weapon and the team will have to shoot at a tree made from 10 small balloons while standing at 25 meters from the target. The team must pop the balloons in order from left to right and one cadet at a time.

“The course required lots of calm communication and teamwork from the cadets,” said Kamyk.

Points were decided by how many balloons were popped and number of rounds used to complete the tree.

Each team fought hard for the trophy, but the SHSU team excelled in the middle stage, Gong Shoot, and carried them to victory.