Students Victims of On-Campus Robbery

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A strong-armed robbery occurred this past Monday night at Raven Village at the 2100 block of Avenue I. officers were dispatched at 10:45 p.m.

“Upon arrival, officers met with a complainant and his girlfriend who reported that while he was delivering food he was rushed by a black male who attempted to steal his belongings,” University Police Chief Kevin Morris said. “A
struggle ensued and the complainant stated that his car keys were stolen.”

The victim’s car was impounded and processed for evidentiary purposes according to Morris.

The complainant’s girlfriend was also victimized by the incident.

“The girlfriend reported that when she exited the vehicle to help her boyfriend, a black female exited the suspect vehicle and stole her personal property from the passenger side of their vehicle,” Morris said.

At this time, there is an investigation into the incident underway.

“There have been developments that our investigators are following up on; however, due to the nature of the investigation I cannot release that information at this time,” Morris said.

Suspects are one black male and one black female. They fled in a Dodge Durango with paper plates.

“At this time based on the information obtained, I do not believe there is an ongoing threat to the University community,” Morris said. “Probably in a day or two additional information regarding this incident will be available.”

Report any leads to UPD at 936-294-1800.

***UPDATE*** March 23, 2017

Chief of University Police Department said:
“Our investigator has determined that a robbery did not occur. During the course of the initial follow up investigation completed by on scene police officers, the personal property taken from the female complainant was found returned at her residence. Following this new development, our investigators were able to identify the suspect and the suspect’s female acquaintance involved in this incident. As a result, it has been determined that a civil matter between a husband, involved in an extra-marital affair, was involved in a dispute with his wife. From information obtained, it appears that the complainant was summoned to the location based upon his food delivery business in an attempt by the wife to retrieve mutually owned property. As a result of attempting to regain possession of mutually owned property, a struggle (assault) ensued after which the wife and a friend of hers fled in the Dodge Durango with paper plates. Based on the newly obtained information, a “False Report to a Peace Officer” charge is being sought on the original complainant for providing false information to a peace officer. The complainant appears to have used the report of a criminal offense to further his ambitions over his wife’s.”