Texas Supreme Court Visits SHSU

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The Texas Supreme Court visited the Sam Houston State University campus on March 2, in the Gaertner Performing Arts Center’s Concert Hall. They held two court sessions both an hour long. Unfortunately, Judge Don R. Willett was unable to attend so not all nine judges were present.

The first session was titled Community Health Systems Professional Services Corp. et. Al. v. Henry Andrew Hansen II, M.D. This case was about the firing of a cardiovascular surgeon after his three year contract, even though he was terminated with cause and his contract had ended.

The second session was titled United Scaffolding Inc. v. James Levine. This case was about an employee accident for a scaffolding company 11years ago. The issue that remains is whether or not the plaintiff was deserved of an initial second trail and walking away with over a million dollars. The appeal by Scaffolding is that the trail should have been on premise-liability theory instead of negligence. Yet the court found that the negligence trial was proper.

Given that it is not every day that the supreme court is held on campus, there were students who only attended the event because they were required to by their government professors. Yet, while attending they still managed to be interested

One attendee was Kaylyn Smith. She went out of requirement for government class, but she ended up learning from the event.

“My minor is CJ and I thought it would be interesting, and it was,” Smith said. “I did learn that Texas is one of the only two states with their own supreme courts and I didn’t know that.”

Another student who attended out of interest was Homer Lopez who stated that his reason for attending was because he is a CJ major.

“I wanted to see what it was like,” Lopez said. “I liked how the lawyers had to use their words wisely to convince the judges and not say anything wrong.”

While the rulings were not decided in the hall, they will be at a later date. They will post the transcripts in the courts archives as well.