New Housing Projects Come to Huntsville

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Several new housing projects are coming to Huntsville to accommodate the increasing student population. Three new apartment complexes, a 6-Plex, and a 6-unit residential project are in the works for various locations located around the city. These developments are in construction due to the lack of student housing in the city.

“Most of the apartment development is driven by the need for student housing,” said Aron Kulhavy, Huntsville Community and Economic Development Director. “SHSU and their enrollment is a big player in companies making a decision to locate in Huntsville.”

One apartment complex is already under construction. Located at 2821 Lake Road, a 10-building complex is going up and is valued at $9 Million. The complex will include 120 units and a clubhouse.

Permits were issued back in October of last year for a 6-Plex located on Sendero Drive at the Ranch at Sam Houston. The 6-Plex is valued at $900,000.

Additionally, three other projects are currently under review.

The plans were submitted for a 6-building apartment complex at 2002 20th Street, valued at $1.5 Million.

Another apartment complex under review is West Hills Apartments, valued at $13 Million, at 149 Col. Etheredge. West Hills will include 4 buildings, 168 units, and a club house.

The third project is located at 1419 Avenue N. This residential project of 6-units has been under review since November of last year.

Recently, Huntsville and SHSU had issues trying to house the number of students moving into the town.

“We at the city need to plan for this growth by ensuring there is adequate infrastructure in place to support it,” Kulhavy said. “This includes everything from water and sewer, to adequate roads, to police and fire services.”

Individual housing developers do market studies to determine the amount of units are needed, where to construct them, and when to open them.

Kulhavy said, “The additions of all the projects is going to show a steady stream of growth for Huntsville.”

With the additional housing coming to Huntsville, that means more retail businesses are to follow.

“As more residents choose to live in and around Huntsville, we become more attractive for retail businesses of all sorts,” Kulhavy said. “As for the future, we should see continued growth at the current pace or even faster and we are working to provide the infrastructure to serve all of it.”