SGA Loses Secretary, Gaines Experience at COSGA Conference

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This week’s Student Government Association meeting began with a boom. Secretary Torres’ letter of resignation was read. Elections for the next SGA Secretary will be held after spring break.
The meeting brought up many housekeeping rules that needed to be enforced.

One of the new projects that was discussed was the Sam Houston State University app that students can download for free.

One of the members is getting more information on maybe how to expand and create more options for its use. An option would be to put SGA twitter feed on the app so students can stay up to date.

As the semester progresses so does the service of the members of this organization.

They further explained how they want to carry out events for later in the spring semester. On April 22 the organization will have their annual community service project called Bearkat All Paws In.

Another goal for SGA is to recruit more members; they want to reach out to each and every student. One interesting factor about their meetings is that every college takes turns talking about their plans for the week. Each college can have 11 seats for students.

Two students spoke on the SGA conference they attended this past weekend.

“One of the questions asked was ‘Are you here to be here or are you here to make a difference?’” COBA senator Chloe Henze said.

Which they explain was something they really took away from the whole conference it put into perspective what and who they are serving as a school organization.

They are looking to work on some of the issues at hand on campus. Like the parking, the new one way streets, and other details. SGA continuously puts efforts in for the student body to have a voice.