SLMS To Prepare Students For Spring Break

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Would you love to get a great start to your spring break plans? The Student Legal and Mediation Services will be host a Spring Break Kick-Off on March 8 to help students get ready for the upcoming break.

The event will be dedicated to educating students on their legal rights while they are out of town for spring break.

Many students travel on spring break and often do not know their rights, or don’t know what to do while away. It is important for students to realize that although spring break is for fun, being safe is the number one priority.

“Students take a break during the spring to recover from their studies and to reenergize to prepare for the last stretch of the semester,” SLMS Attorney and Mediator Gene Roberts said. “We want students to have fun if they go on spring break, and at the same time, we want them to be educated about their rights and responsibilities.”

The event will present real-life situations that may happen to students while traveling, and will give students the tools needed to handle them.

Students who attend will be provided with auto accident report forms with document holders in case of any accident that might occur. This is one example of a precaution that students can take before traveling.

This event’s goal is to help students be informed of their responsibility while on spring break and help prepare them for emergencies that could happen.

“We want students to understand how to appropriately respond to these situations,” Roberts said.

Additionally, students who attend will have a chance to win a cooler full of spring break essentials. At the event there will be games and snacks provided.

The event is free and will be held in The Kat Klub starting at 5 p.m.