‘Mother’s Room’ Opens In The LSC

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The Lowman Student Center opens the new “Mother’s Room” today dedicated to breastfeeding mothers on campus. The private space is located on the second floor in the LSC by the Dean of Students’ office.

Assistant Director of the LSC Krystin Catlin said the project began last semester when new LSC Director, Robert Webber, joined the staff.

“The LSC staff set out to make the student center a more inclusive, welcoming place for our campus community, and the Mother’s Room is part of that initiative,” Catlin said.

Sam Houston is the latest university to add this room on campus. Other universities that have this feature include the University of Houston, University of North Texas, University of Texas Arlington, Texas State, Rice, and Texas A&M University.

“Lactation spaces for mother’s have been proved to help mothers transition back to work and school by reducing sick time, increasing retention, and increasing morale and productivity,” Catlin said. “Additionally, breastfeeding is supported by both Texas and Federal laws. For the LSC, it was just the right thing to do to create a space dedicated to mothers on campus.”

The Division of Student Affairs and the Lowman Student Center Office teamed up to make this space for mothers all over campus whether a faculty, staff, visitor or student. The room is open for women to breastfed or pump.

The Mother’s Room has many features for the users. There are lockers, a few seating options, hot and cold water, a baby changing station, cleaning supplies, dimmable lights, electrical outlets and a mini refrigerator for milk storage

For extra security, the door to the room is passcode locked. Before use mothers have to go to get the code.

“Mothers can access the room by contacting our office at the LSC Information Desk on the 2nd floor, or in LSC room 311,” Catlin said. “They will be given a passcode to unlock the door, which will change at the beginning of each semester. We welcome mothers to use the room as long as they need, and will notify them of passcode changes each semester.”

For more information, visit shsu.edu/lsc/mothersroom or call 936.294.1759.