SGA To Present Parking Plans to Huntsville City Hall Meeting

11 months ago 1

At the Student Government Association meeting last Tuesday, the main issue discussed was parking. SGA will be taking their meeting to the Huntsville City Hall next Tuesday (Feb. 21).

In the officer reports, Public Relations Chief Tricia Sims reported on recent polls she conducted via Twitter about parking on campus.

There were three different polls on the subjects of one way streets and pay per hour. The majority of students voted no on the subject of more one way street and more pay per hour spots.

Parking has become an issue on campus, which most students tend to complain about. These polls proved that.

In the summer before the current school year, SHSU implemented pay per hour or meter parking to give students more alternatives to parking rather than having a permit.

During the topic of parking, the SGA President Jacqueline Bolden proposed alternatives to meter parking, which included the university possibly purchasing streets on campus that the city of Huntsville own or the city could offer students permits that would compete with the prices of the university.

“This decision is impactful because we are going to be speaking for over 20,000 students on campus,” Bolden said.

When SGA attends their meeting at City Hall, they will propose the option that the city could offer students lower permit options than the university to park on the streets that they own.

SGA’s proposal could ultimately change parking on campus as we know it now and improve student life on and off campus.

Their City Hall meeting will be held next Tuesday at 6 p.m., and all regular meetings are held in LSC Room 320.