SMMC To Educate Students On Financial Future With Week-long Events

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Financial issues are one of the biggest concerns that face college students today. Most students end up acquiring debt after college, which ends up being a problem as they attempt to start a career, get married and have a family.

This is where the ninth annual Financial Literary Week (FLW), held in the Lowman Student Center on Feb. 20 to 23, steps in. Organized by the Student Money Management Center (SMMC), the goal of the four day long event is to educate students on how to budget and finance for the future.

The week will have twelve different activities including 10 workshops and presentations, one movie night and one game night. Issues that will be discussed are car insurance, extreme couponing, short and long-term investments, and building a brand.

The topics are built to relate to what the students are going through, car insurance being especially pressing.

On Monday, the first session “Car Insurance 101” was inspired by this topic.

Gene Roberts, Student Legal and Meditation Services director, and Patsy Collins, SMMC director, will join forces to discuss legal and financial aspects of car insurance.

By attending the events during the week, students could win free money.

Two students who go the Financial Literacy Week will win $650 at the end of the week.

Collins said word of mouth is a way that the message of the scholarships spread across campus and informed other students about the FLW events.

“When some students win a $650 scholarship, they go to all of their friends and say, ‘I won my $650 scholarship at Financial Literacy Week for attending their events,’” Collins said.

Students who want to get the chance to win the $650 must go to at least four of the workshops, excluding the Game of Life Challenge. The Game of Life Challenge will be Wednesday at 6 p.m.

During the Game of Life Challenge, students who complete a scoreboard will be entered into a contest to win a $1,000 scholarship. The winner must be preset to receive the prize. The contest winner will be announced at 7:45 p.m

This year, two organizations, one below fifty members and one above fifty members, will be selected to win $1000. To qualify, organizations must earn points by having at least 40 percent of their registered members (via the OrgLink roster, as of Feb. 2) attend each FLW event.

If a student is in multiple organizations, the student will be able to participate in each of the organization. Collins confirmed that there are no limits to how many organizations on OrgLink. students may list when coming to an FLW as long as students tells the people running the events what organizations they represent.

“They just need to tell us that as they’re leaving the venue then they’ll tell us that that ‘Gee, I’m in Talented Tenth but I’m also in Honors.,’” Collins said. “And there’s no limit to that. If they’re in three or four clubs, they can say which three or four clubs or organizations they’re in.”

Changes that were made to attract students to FLW included eliminating student breakfast and putting all of the events in either the afternoon or the evenings.

All participants need an active BearkatOne card.

After attending the FLW, students are welcomed to come by the SMMC any time Monday through Friday. If students want to know more about financial aspects the SMMC is a on campus source.

“There’s a lot of things that they don’t know that we touch and it brings them to the center,” Collins said. “Once a student has a question and develops a relationship with the Student Money Management Center, then they come back and they want to know about their budget in general or they want to know about their Financial Aid or their student loans or just a myriad of things.”

For more information about events going on during FLW, contact the SMMC at [email protected] or 936.294.2600.