Alumni Reunion Dance Concert to Showcase Variety of Works

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The Department of Dance will host an Alumni Reunion Concert this Saturday at 8 p.m. in James and Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center, Dance Theatre to promote their program and their graduates’ success.

The Alumni Reunion Concert is presented by the collaboration of the Department of Dance and the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication. Tickets will be sold at the door through the Dance Alumni Association at the GPAC.

Visiting assistant professor David Deveau said that the Alumni Reunion Concert is held every spring semester and explained there is variety in the performances.

“This performance is part of a larger weekend event,” Deveau said. “We have an Alumni Reunion Weekend annually. The show is as diverse as our alumni. The alumni that attend span several decades and you can see how both the dance world and the dance training at SHSU has changed to keep up with more modern trends.”

Deveau said students interested in dance will have a chance to speak with the alumni at the event.

“There will be anywhere from 20-40 alumni that attend along with their students from either other universities or studios where they are teaching,” Deveau said. “The weekend kicks off with a mixer

Friday evening between alumni and our current students and of course there is plenty of time to mingle after the show on Saturday. The weekend really is aimed at networking alumni and current students and fostering excitement about all the dance world has to offer.”

Sophomore Chloe Oyerly, who has been involved with dance for many years, is planning on attending this upcoming performance.

“I’ve been doing ballet ever since I was a kid, so there is this deep fondness I have of dance and the dancing community,” Oyerly said. “It’s really important for aspiring dancers to really love what they’re doing because it will affect their performance, and for those who want to pursue this as a career choice- going to this concert might be an eye opener for them.”

All Sam Houston State students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend this event. For more information contact the Dance Department at 936-294-3342 or email them at