REC Center Add New Group Fitness, Price of Classes Reduced

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New year, new me. With the Sam Houston State University Recreation Center students are able to achieve this New Year’s resolution.

New student-led classes are now available for the spring semester at the Rec and until Jan. 29 students can attend any of the center’s classes for free.

Also, students can purchase a pass that allows them to attend unlimited classes through May for $35. After Jan. 29, those passes will raise in price to $45. If you are not a student, those prices rise to $45 until Jan. 29 and $55 once the free period ends.

If you miss the date to experience the classes for free and aren’t ready to commit to the full pass, you can purchase a day pass for $3 if you’re a student and $4 if you’re not a student.

One of the new classes added this semester is barre. This class is a cross between a couple different exercises.

“We added a barre class, which is done on a ballet bar,” said Scott Berkowitz, the Assistant Director of Fitness. “It’s not necessarily doing ballet, it’s kind of a mixture of pilates and yoga and a little bit of toning – it’s actually a really a tough, good workout.”

In addition to the barre class, the Rec has added pilates and classes that focus on toning and strengthening the lower body.

“We’ve also added a tabata class,” Berkowitz said. “Tabata is like a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and you can burn as many calories in an hour of a regular class as in 30 minutes of a tabata class.”

After the flood in spring of 2015 from severe weather, the Rec had to pull cycling classes. Those classes have returned this semester.

According to Berkowitz all of the instructors are students. There is quite a variety of classes offered at the Rec, from Zumba to Beach Body and Insanity – as well as just general group fitness.

The classes are held Monday through Friday and Sunday throughout the day, and the class schedule is available at the Rec’s front desk. The Rec Center is closed on Saturdays.

Due to budget cuts, the Rec has now cut down the hours that they are open during the day.

For more information on the classes being offered and other programs at the Rec, call 936.294.1985 or e-mail questions to [email protected]