Dance Department to Showcase Faculty Works

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The Department of Dance is getting ready for their annual fall 2016 Spectrum Dance Concert in the Performing Arts Center on Dec 1 through 3 at 8 p.m. and 2 p.m. for Saturday.

Spectrum has been a long-standing tradition in the Dance Department with a production every semester. The concerts will feature works by dance faculty and guest artists.

This year’s guest artist is French choreographer Manuel Vignoulle. He was introduced to students and faculty during the Dance Gallery Festival, where outside guest artists and dancers come to perform for the students. It was at this festival that Vignouelle was chosen to be their guest artist who would come and choreograph a dance for the SHSU students.

This semester there are about 50 dance majors performing in the Spectrum. The concert contains 7 works by faculty. Students can perform in 2 different works. The students audition for Spectrum at the beginning of the semester and the faculty will cast the students into their different works.

Dionne Noble, Assistant Professor and Graduate Advisor, is choreographing one of these works.

“I worked with one of the students, Jared Doster, here who does industrial design, and he built me some tunnels,” Noble said. “So on stage there’s an actual tunnel, and dancers will dance through the tunnel, and they can climb up the tunnel and out. It’s also going to make for some really good lighting effects, so I’m really excited about that.”

Doster also made doors for another faculty’s work, Andy Noble. The doors swing, swivel, and flip around so the dancers can fling up onto them in a very acrobatic way.

Elijah Gibson is another faculty member who is choreographing. He is inspired by the college atmosphere.

“He is trying to create a club scene on stage,” Noble said. “There will actually be a live DJ on the stage.”

Faculty member David Deveau is working in collaboration with one of the graduate students, and they are doing a political satire piece.

“There is somebody costumed as the Statue of Liberty.” Noble said. Given the times this piece is pretty interesting.”

The choreographer from the Musical Theatre department is creating a work that is a western. The women are dancing with cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and chairs.

“This piece will be a very feminine look at the old west.” Noble said.

Dance Major and junior Andrew Junek is performing in both Dionne and Andy Noble’s works. He has performed in The Spectrum during the last two semesters as well.

In Dionne’s work he will be acting as a one of the super heroes moving through a storm drain.

“Compared to the other shows this is usually of a higher caliber when it comes to choreography, lighting, and even props,” Junek said. “The tunnels and revolving doors is not something you would get out of a senior studio or a grad show. So it’s cool to be involved in that.”

Hannah Woolridge is another student performing Dionne Noble’s work.

“The tunnels are supposed to mimic a storm drain, and how super heroes use storm drains to move throughout their city,” Woolridge said. “I really like the use of the structures, it adds a lot of different dynamics and it makes different and interesting things possible. Most of our other shows don’t have elaborate set pieces so getting to work with a structure is something that’s special to Spectrum, and definitely one of the most exciting things.”

The flier for the Spectrum showcases a costume designed by faculty member Erin Reck who collaborated with a costume designer.

“We have a fantastic costume department for dance,” Noble said. “Usually our costumes are store bought but sometimes they are designed out.”

Noble also pointed out that there is a ribbon shown coming out of the dress on the flyer that will be hidden inside the dress during the performance until a certain time when they pull it out.

“It’s kind of all hands-on deck,” Noble said. “We have a full stage crew, a full costume crew. Our freshman and sophomores have to take a crew course for four semesters, so they do all the behind the scenes work. All of the students are represented in some way.”