‘LSC Takeover’ to Give Students a Fright

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Sam Houston State University’s Program Council is hosting the tenth annual LSC Takeover celebrating Halloween today from 7 to 10 pm. Every floor of the LSC will be taken over by events and attractions.

Vice President of Internal Affairs Grant Bridges said the LSC Takeover would be a good alternative to other activities in Huntsville during this week of Halloween.

“There’s a lot of things that are going on at the bars in Huntsville around Halloween, and this is an event where students can come to enjoy themselves but not feel pressured to be in an environment that they don’t feel comfortable in,” Bridges said.

DJ Adonis will be preforming at the Takeover. He also performed at the Fire Fest pep rally.

There will be face painting, photo booths, free food by Aramark, and in the theatre the movie Freddy VS Jason will be showing.

Some of the new attractions this year include laser tag in the ballroom, a pumpkin carve off competition outside the LSC run by Student Government Association, and a costume contest. The winner of the costume contest will take home a free Keurig. There will also be other take home prizes such as customized license plates, dorm room necessities for students, and more.

“This event gets students involved,” Bridges said. “I didn’t have to post a volunteer callout, about 40 or 50 of them came to us asking to volunteer. It takes all aspects of the student body to come together and make this event a whole.”

The Program Council spent $10,000 planning this event to make it even better than the years before.

“Right now we are a suitcase college,” Bridges said. “A lot of students will get up and leave when their classes are over and go home. So we are trying to make Sam home. We have these events so it doesn’t feel like you come here just for class. It gives students an opportunity to experience things they wouldn’t have if they didn’t come to Sam Houston.”