SHSU To Offer Debate Watch Party For Students

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The third and final presidential debate will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas today. Here at Sam Houston State University, students will be able to watch the debate with their closest friends.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences, The Department of Political Science and the Student Government Association will be hosting a debate watch party tonight at 8:00 p.m. in the CHSS building room 90.

According to London Sneden, president of the college democrats, the event is a free way for students to get educated on the election.

“The purpose of this debate watch party is to give students an opportunity to watch the debate and get educated on the candidates’ positions in this year’s elections,” Sneden said.

There has been three other debate watches with the current election. This will be the final debate before voters go to the polls.

The Debate Watch Party was originally thought of by Department of Political Science Assistant Professor Heather Evans and Assistant Professor Thomas Haase. SGA joined in co-hosting the event due to corresponding goals. Each co- host wants to provide an opportunity for students to be educated on the current presidential election.

“Student Government Association got involved with them (the debate watch party) because we have been focusing on accomplishing the same goal this semester,” Sneden said. “We have been promoting the debate watch parties on campus and encouraging students to go out and get involved.”

Colleges are one of the major frontlines of the campaigns as millennials are one of the largest voting groups and seem to be interested in a change and may very well have a large turnout.

College students have been amongst the most involved group in this election. Many students are not particularly impressed by either candidate, but just want to make sure one won’t get in to office. Students have been particularly interested in the topics of free college tuition, societal equality, and paid family leave.

There has been a large amount of Americans tuning into each debate, and one of the largest proportions coming from college students.

The third presidential debate comes just 10 days after the Sunday night showdown between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. The town hall with co- moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Radditz was particularly polarizing between the Access Hollywood tapes showing reprehensible speech by Trump and WikiLeaks dumps of Clinton’s emails.

The debates have proven to be quite entertaining, sparking numerous memes, and giving Alec Baldwin a new role on “Saturday Night Live” as Donald Trump.

The SHSU Debate Watch Party is a free event and the whole student body is welcome to come. There will also be an Election Night Watch party for students on Nov. 8 in the LSC Kat Klub.