Alumnus Speaks on Domestic Violence Past Experience

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SHSU shows support for Domestic Violence Awareness Month by having Justin Lopez speak on his experience with Domestic Violence and his foundation Angies Awareness Angels.

Justin Lopez gave his talk last Thursday in the LSU Theater over his experience with domestic violence and how it inspired him to start Angies Awareness Angels. Justin told the story of how his mother Angela Renee Fonrenot Lopez was murdered in front of her 12-year-old daughter Porsha by her ex-boyfriend William Ray Parker. He continued on telling how they formed Angies Angels to bring awareness of domestic violence and the outreach and programs to support victims of domestic violence. William Parker received the max sentence of 99 years and now resides in the Ellis Unit as part of the Huntsville Prison System.

“I am extremely happy and blessed with the turn out of 99 years. The only thing that still haunts me in my sleep is that in 2042, which seems to be a long way away, but it’s not in my shoes and my sister’s shoes and my family’s shoes,” said Lopez. “2042 he is eligible for parole. I am glad he is in the position he is in, we just have the worry and stress of parole.”

Lopez’s story will forever be apart of Sam Houston and neighboring university’s thanks to Dr. Lisa R. Muftic and Dr. Leah Daigle. Dr. Muftic is the director of CJC undergraduate programs and associate professor who helped co-write the Victomology textbook that several universities will be using. In chapter 7 of this text book they go into detail about Lopez’s story and the events of his tragic loss.

“My Mother will forever be a statistic, but she is also a continued educator. The Book is sold at many universities around the world, my mom is studied every day thanks to Dr. Muftic here at Sam Houston, and that’s a big deal to us,” said Lopez.

Lopez speaks once a year in Dr. Muftic’s class about domestic violence and outreach. He spoke just last week at Texas A&M.

“We do a lot of outreach programs in the college station area, in this area and in Houston as well,” Lopez said.

Lopez stresses the importance of talking about domestic violence and why it is an important conversation to have.

“If somebody just shares a Facebook post, imagine the impact it could have on someone,” said Lopez. “Domestic violence is not just physical abuse, it is mental and emotional.” On Angies Awareness Angels Facebook page they post hotline numbers and outreach programs for people who are suffering from domestic violence.

Along with Lopez speaking there were several tables set up by Student Services with information about individual counseling, group counseling and couples counseling. Counseling services are available to anyone who is currently enrolled on the SHSU main campus.

Montgomery Country Women’s Services had a table set up handing out flyers for the programs they offer for domestic violence. Programs including: Emergency Shelter for those fleeing abuse, counseling, legal services, education and outreach. You are also able to volunteer with the Montgomery County Women’s Center, if interested you can call or or visit their website.

Houston Area Domestic Violence Hotline: 713-528-2121

SHSU Counseling Center Services: 936-294-1720

Rape Abuse and Incest National Network: 1-800-656-4673

Montgomery County Women’s Center 24 hour hotline: 936-441-7273