21- Day Challenge Encourages Student Fitness

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Everyone who has taken a Lifetime Health and Wellness class knows that the main factor in a person’s health is their lifestyle. There are students who are active every day, those who exercise frequently or some who are designated as “couch potatoes”.

The Sam Houston State University REC Center’s 21 Day Fitness Challenge is made for students to become more accustomed to exercising on a regular basis.

According to Fitness Supervisor Jenna Bothell, the program is designed to welcome all students no matter if they have been exercising throughout the semester or if they have yet to begin exercising.

“It’s basically an incentive program to get people to be active and healthy and fit,” Bothell said.

Students who participate will attend the fitness classes offered at the REC center.

The schedule is structured for five days of classes along with two days for resting.

“On your rest days you can make a healthy meal, go for a walk, or take a jog, anything to keep you active,” said Bothell.

Generally, the fitness classes range from 35 to 45 minutes.

Assistant Director of Fitness Scott Berkowitz referred to the challenge as a way to help someone establish a habit in working out.

Each semester the Fitness program has programs for promoting physical fitness to students.

“Usually we try to do a different incentive program each semester just to try to get students who have stopped working out this semester or haven’t to be active,” said Berkowitz. “Having a healthy lifestyle is going to help people, it’s going to boost their immune system, and overall be a healthier person.”

This semester the event began this past Monday and will end on Nov. 14.

The calendar timeline is 28 days in order to give participants more to time to purchase there passes or decide on the classes they wish to participate in.

For those participating, when they attend their fitness classes the instructors will provide cards for the participant to have checked by each of their instructors for fifteen classes.

The first 100 participants who fill out their card completely will win a free CamelBak water bottle.

If they have not already in possession of one, those who wish to take part must purchase a fitness pass from the rec center in order to attend these classes.

“That pass will get you into any of the group fitness classes, you can go to as many as you like,” Berkowitz said.

A group fitness pass for students at this point in the semester is $25 and one for non-students is $35 for a whole semester.

A single class pass is only $3 for students and $4 for non-students. A single class pass is only for attending one fitness class on one particular day.

“It’s encouraged to get a group fitness pass,” Berkowitz said. “It is more cost effective. The group fitness pass will get you unlimited classes for the semester.”

Some of the classes offered include TRX, Zumba, Hardcore, and Size. The full list of classes can be found at http://www.shsu.edu/dept/recreational-sports/programs/fitness/fitness.html#