Baptist Student Ministry Host ‘Engage 24’ to Grow Community

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The Baptist Student Ministry hosted “Engage 24”, a 24- hour time of prayer and campus outreach yesterday. As part of the event, at least two students prayed each hour for individual prayer needs and the campus in the tent outside of their building.

“The goal of Engage 24 is to engage with students across the campus with the story of the gospel,” Campus Missionary Intern Nick Willis said.

To prepare, students read scripture about evangelism and discussed their own experiences with sharing the gospel.

“The Bible says to go spread the gospel,” sophomore Victoria Strimple said. “At Engage 24, I got to help people build on their faith as well as my own.”

The prayer tent was open to all students and faculty with prayer requests. Individuals could write their needs on cards and hang them up in the tent, or they could submit them anonymously to be prayed for later. For some, ‘Engage 24’ was an opportunity to immerse themselves in prayer.

“I don’t normally get to hear and know what people’s prayer requests are,” Campus Missionary Intern Tiffany Willis said. “There’s something really cool about praying for random people and their needs.”

The BSM meets every Thursday night at 7 pm for their weekly worship service, Refuge, which is followed by small group Bible study. BSM also has free lunch on Wednesdays at noon.

The BSM is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, for students to study, socialize, or relax between classes with friends.

Nick Willis said that the BSM is open for anyone hoping to learn more about the gospel, or searching for a community of believers to belong to.

“Very few organizations on campus have the potential to change your life and to help you find real purpose and satisfaction in this world, and the BSM is one of those,” Willis said. “We get to see students come to Christ and be so impacted by that that they want to go out and tell others about how they can experience the same thing in their own lives.”