Workshop to Strengthen Student Leadership Skills

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Ever wondered how you can enhance your natural strengths and talents in a helpful environment?

The Leadership Initiatives and VP for Student Services are coordinating a Discover Your Strengths Workshop for students on Oct. 3 and Nov. 7. This workshop will give students the tools they need to develop in their academic, career, and personal lives.

Those who attend the workshop will take the Clifton Strengths Finder inventory before the workshop in order to find out their top five strengths and talents.

The coordinator of the workshop Max Walling said that through the movement he has been able to make better decisions and easily recognize the talents of others.

“The workshop is designed for students to understand their natural tendencies and talents, then using that information to become a more impactful, effective leader,” Walling said.

According to Walling, this event is supposed to motivate students to be leaders in their careers and in the classroom.

Students who attend this event will have access to a free e-book and assessment to help them have a better understanding about their different strengths.

“This workshop will be interactive, energetic, useful, and resource-based where students will learn more about themselves and others in order to facilitate the achievement of academic, career and personal success,” Walling said.

If students are interested in the workshop visit LSC 324A to register or go to the website Registration closes Friday at 3 p.m.