Trump Meets Mexican President

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With the elections approaching both candidates, Trump and Clinton are making their last moves for their campaign.

Donald Trump in fact, made a visit to Mexico last week to discuss with the President Enrique Peña Nieto about the costs and terms of the wall. Although Peña Nieto made it clear on Twitter that Mexico would not pay for it; Trump insists the wall be built.

This visit will influence much of Trump’s campaign. Trump’s visit to Mexico signifies more than just the discussion of the wall. It shows him trying to make a good impression and show that he is willing to communicate.

Though many expected the visit to turn hostile, it was a very polite meeting. Although they may have not agreed on everything they had a good civilized meeting. A meeting that nothing was really set on or nothing came to be official. If this wall is ever actually built who knows, but the discussion about it is still active.

Clinton has yet to comment about this visit. If it was a good choice to have this meeting, only Trump knows. Many people were surprised that Trump himself went, instead of making Peña Nieto coming to the U.S. This definitely made an impact on both sides for Mexico and the U.S. Not only in the campaign for Trump but in the economy of both countries.

This wall will not be cheap. Whoever ends up paying for it, if it actually happens it won’t be small cost. It will impact greatly the economy of one of the countries. Neither us nor Mexico want to take that jump.

We revolve around politics and this situation is no exception. Trump is using the building of the wall as the main topic when discussing his relationship with Mexico. Trump is taking no chances or shame in what he is doing; and the opportunities of power he is receiving. Trump said he will not stop until he has full power and this visit was only a step further. This visit meant a lot and we will have to see as to where it takes this country.