Heroes Campaign Kicks Off

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The Marketing and Communications Department at Sam Houston has created a new campaign for the 2016-17 school year called “Heroes Will Rise”. This campaign is designed to showcase everyday heroes on campus, as well as alumni who are living lives as heroes in their job markets and communities.

Jeff Olsen, director of marketing and communications, said that while working in marketing, he gets to work with people from different departments across the university on a daily basis where he sees heroes accomplishing amazing things. He believes that lifting up the faculty, staff, and students of SHSU will create a culture of honor that inspires a strong sense of Bearkat pride.

“Whether it’s building a robotic hand with a 3D printer for a young girl who was born without one, or the rodeo team helping out a girl who was injured in a car accident, SHSU is full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” Olsen said. “I think everyone is interested in hearing those stories, and can feel proud to be affiliated with Sam Houston State University.”

Last Thursday, President Dana G. Hoyt addressed the faculty and staff as she does yearly, and had an award ceremony for people who have been working at Sam Houston for a number of years. She used the Heroes Will Rise campaign to honor the faculty and staff for what they have done for the university.

The Department designed a billboard that is displayed on the exit of College Park Drive, with a graphic of a graduate student and the words “Heroes will Rise”. Isaac Moen, graphic designer for marketing and communications designed the billboard and the website for the campaign.

“We wanted something that would be integrated university wide, and relate to everyone,” Moen said.

According to Moen, the billboard was placed at the College Park Drive exit on 242 because most of Sam Houston’s demographic will be seeing that billboard on their way to College Park high school and Lone Star College, and a many of SHSU students are transfers from Lone Star.

Olsen said that even though the campaign just kicked off, it will get a lot of visibility because several different divisions of the university are participating, which he believes will persuade potential students to apply.

The Heroes Will Rise campaign will also be integrated in the SHSU Homecoming theme this year. Students will get a chance to participate in this culture of honor by nominating a hero of their choice to be showcased on the SHSU website, where several stories are displayed of local Bearkat heroes. Students can nominate their hero at shsu.edu/heroes.

“At the end of it all, it’s basically just a way to honor people,” Moen said.