• John

    Was this interview paid for by Kevin Brady for Congress? Kevin Brady is a documented liar who not only doesn’t listen to his constituents, he bans them from his various social media pages when they say things that interfere with his spin on his bad votes.

  • John

    Congressman Brady claims that the other candidates in this election don’t have a backbone or courage to fight Washington and he is wrong. There were twenty-four congressional debates in weeks before this election and he only had to courage to come to one. He has also voted over the last twenty years to grow government with these votes.

    In fact, here are just a few of the bad bills he was a part of:
    • Brady voted for more NSA spying on U.S. Citizens (H.R. 2397 Surveillance of Phone Records July, 2013)
    • Brady voted for more CISPA spying on U.S. Citizens (H.R. 624 Internet Spy Program April, 2014)
    • Brady voted for more NDAA detention of U.S. Citizens (H.R. 4435 Indefinite Detention without a trial May, 2014)
    • Brady voted to fund Obama Care and Obama’s Executive Amnesty. (H.R. 83 CRomnibus $1.1 trillion Funding Bill December, 2014)
    • Brady voted for a labor union bailout & more power to the president (H.R. 2146 OBAMAtrade TPA Secret Trade Deal June, 2015)
    • Brady voted for the $1.2 trillion Omnibus Bill of 2015 (Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016.)

    Kevin Brady can claim all he wants that the other candidates are running around with their finger in the air but Craig McMichael has always been steady on his stance to support and defend the constitution. I can also say that Steve Toth and Andre Dean have been honest and consistent on where they stand on the issues. The only one who breaks the constitution is our current congressman. After 20 years of failure the people want change.

    I wish that the person conducting this interview had taken the time to interview the other candidates running for Kevin Brady’s seat to give them a fair chance to react to Kevin Brady’s lies and misstatements.

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