Tweet lands junior in hot water

2 years ago 174

A controversial tweet from a Sam Houston State junior has inflamed social media and may result in disciplinary action from the university.
Junior English major Monica Foy is under investigation after allegations surfaced on, a conservative news site, that Foy tweeted a recently murdered Harris County Sheriff’s deputy had “creepy perv eyes” and may have deserved his death.
In response, the university took to their official social media pages and criticized the tweet.
“SHSU appreciates the enormous public response in support of law enforcement. The university is a leader in educating many people who work in criminal justice and those who protect the civil liberties this country was founded upon, including free speech, whether we agree with that speech or not.”
“SHSU has a strong Student Code of Conduct. The student’s remarks will be evaluated to determine if the code was violated following standardized due process. The university has an ongoing commitment to taking actions that strengthen dialog and understanding between our students and the law enforcement community.”
Stay tuned to The Houstonian as the story develops.