Construction powered through winter break

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While students were off enjoying their winter break, campus officials were busy on campus working on new additions and updates to Sam Houston State University.

There have been plans in the works of new buildings and projects for some time now, some of which are currently under construction and others which will begin in the next few semesters.

Currently, construction has begun on a parking lot which will be located on the south side of campus, by Avenues I and J. This project began in the middle of the fall 2014 semester and is estimated to be finished by the end of this semester.

This has been a much anticipated addition that has resulted in response to the sudden increase in enrollment that has led to an increase in the need for parking.

Roughly $4.5 million in funding are being used in order to construct the lot which will have approximately 400 parking spaces.

There are plans of another parking lot to be constructed across from the University Hotel in between Bowers Blvd. and an existing parking lot. Construction on this addition will begin in the summer and is estimated to add 100 more parking spots on campus.

Carlos Hernandez, vice president for finance and operations, shared some of the many other improvements in construction and repairs that were made over the break in order to improve the university’s efficiency.

“Over the break we had a variety of projects that were going on around campus.” Hernandez said. “We had some plumbing repaired in the LSC and we also had some repairs and improvements that we did over in the east energy plant. We also put in some utility meters in some buildings that help to coordinate power outages to ensure that the meters went in successfully and without any service interruption.”

These meters are used in an effort to really measure how efficient the buildings are individually and to allow for an opportunity to increase efficiency.

“In addition to that, we also had a couple of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) projects improvements.” Hernandez said. “These included sidewalk repairs and restroom modifications over in the Dan Rather building.”

The new parking site has been prepped for the next step which will be the installation of a water containment system due to the local construction code.

A space immediately north of this parking lot is being left undeveloped and will be used for the new residence hall for which construction will begin in the summer.

In addition, a parking garage is in its beginning phases of being considered, but a location has not been decided yet.