Silver Side Up

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The new Bearkat OneCard features a double-stripped backside which has incurred varying opinions of approval from the campus and community.

For the past 10 years, the Bearkat OneCards appeared bright orange and looked more like a credit card than a student I.D., according to Kelsey Klaevemann, staff assistant in the Bearkat OneCard office.

“We wanted to get a new look because there hadn’t been a change in look for 10 years,” Klaevemann said.  “The new Bearkat card looks more like a student I.D. and having the two strips is common with other universities.”

Some students on campus appreciate the change in appearance and don’t seem to mind the double strip.

“They are cool. It looks better than last year’s,” sophomore biology major Ugo Anyakee said. “Although it can get confusing, it is more convenient.”

Sophomore forensic science major Chris Mertz agreed with Anyakee.

“I like the solid colors, it looks better than before,” Mertz said. “I didn’t even notice a difference with the strips. It hasn’t given me problems.”

Senior criminal justice major Brandon Dotson said that although it looks good, the change wasn’t needed.

“They seem unnecessary,” Dotson said. “I feel as though only incoming freshman and transfer students should’ve gotten them. They should’ve given an option to switch over or keep the old one.”

The cards were changed to make it easier to explain to parents and students the differences in currency on and off campus.

“Students seem to like it,” Klaevemann said. “The double strip makes it easier to know what Bearkat Bucks are and what comes out of your checking account.”

However, having a new look and use to the card has frustrated other students when it came to using their checking account.

“Every time I go to the store, people get confused which side to use,” senior mass communication major Misti Jones said.

Yet, some businesses did not have a problem with the transition outside of Huntsville.

“It went just like any other card would. I didn’t have any issues with it.” Victoria Nations, a sales associate on Market St. in the Woodlands. said.

At the end of September the old orange cards will no longer be accepted on campus. To activate your new black card, go to

Should you have any questions, contact the Bearkat OneCard Office at 936-294-2273.