Throwback Thursday – Let’s hear it for the boy!

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Five alumni of Sam Houston State University enjoy Lone Star and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer while partying-it-up in the 1980’s. Yvonne Gary of Riverside, mother of the late Claude Gary, a photographer for SHSU in the 1980’s recently reached out to The Houstonian with several photographs she had held onto since her son’s passing in 1998. Prior to falling ill with colon cancer, Claude Gary owned Rubins Studio in Midland, Texas. If you have any information regarding the subjects in this photograph, please contact The Houstonian by emailing [email protected]


Update – Sept. 10th 2014

One faculty member at Sam Houston State University recognized the individuals in The Houstonian’s “Throwback Thursday” post last week.

College of Criminal Justice professor Donna Garcia wrote, “It was pretty crazy to open up The Houstonian and see a picture of my husband and his two roommates in the TBT picture! My husband, Tony Garcia, is far right, then David Knight, then Rickey Seagraves. [I] can’t remember the male on the end, but we have sent the photo to Rickey to help identify. We are guessing the photo is from fall 1978.”