70 potential anchors show up to try out for Channel 7 News spots

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The sweet scent of perfume and cologne diffused the Dan Rather Communication Building as over 70 young hopefuls nervously stood outside the KSHU-TV studio, awaiting their chance at an audition for a spot with Channel 7 News.

“There are auditions for news, weather, sports and basically for everything. The only ones not trying out will be those wanting to report, and for crew positions,” said Brian Lee, news director.

Anxious ladies stood in their sparkle make-up and dolled up hair, as gentlemen paced in their different knotted ties and classy suits, all dressed ready to be on camera, and show the judges what they could bring to the table.

According to Lee, candidates come in dressed how they would dress if they were to be on the news.

“The only thing we ask them not to do is wear make-up, well the guys,” Lee said.

One by one the young and restless come in, and take a seat at the desk in front of the cameras to read a story they’ve never read before.

Then, after their battle of tongue twisters, the candidates are given a current event quiz about Huntsville, Sam Houston, and news that is going on right now.

“If they are going to do news, they need to know something about news. They can’t cover news if they know nothing about it,” Lee said.

According to Promotions Director Corey Lazar, the experience is helpful.

“We work them with the teleprompter and with what it’s like to be live. It is great to see how people are on T.V,” Lazaar said.

The curious and considering can find out about these auditions by signs, Facebook and even by coming to the news room.

Lee recommends the words of advice given to him.

“I had a friend in the business that told me to get involved. Anything you can, get involved,” Lee said.

Every semester, positions become auditions. Even directors must turn in applications.

“I am trying out, and I should feel confident, but I’m still nervous,” Heather Itzen, assignments director said. “Even though I am a director, I still have to try out like everybody else.”

However, Itzen is also excited about the 70-110 applicants and auditioning.

“It’s so awesome! I hope everyone stays around. We could use the help from all those people,” Itzen said.

But the directors can swallow their nerves in the face of opportunity.

“I tried out for weather last year. It is nerve racking, but it’s a lot of fun. You get to meet a lot of people and let them know a little about yourself,” Jenny Telotte, Weather director said

As a broadcast journalism major who wants to be a talk show host, Telotte speaks with confidence of her experience.

“Coming from Sam Houston, Channel 7, and this major, people automatically know you’ve been trained well in the field of media, and been actually involved hands-on, I know when I go to a station after college, I will know exactly what to do.

Directors recommend auditioning for KSHU-TV

“Even if you’re nervous, try it. You never know until you try, and it could make you stronger in the end,” Telotte said.