Tara Conner allowed to remain Miss USA

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Most likely flaming the ongoing feud between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell, the reigning Miss USA checked out of a rehabilitation clinic earlier this week and is back in the pageant circuit.

Tara Conner, 21, returned to her luxurious apartment in Trump Place on Sunday, according to Yahoo! News. Conner, a native from Kentucky, spent a few weeks at the Caron Foundation in Wernersville, Penn. to figure out where things went wrong.

Connor’s decision to move into rehab came after a surge of reports cataloging her underage drinking habits and drug abuse. Conner has denied being an alcoholic, but took the advice of Miss Universe co-owner, Donald Trump – to straighten herself out.

Trump has been in the middle of a battle with Rosie O’Donnell over the decision to give Conner a second chance rather than take her shining crown away. Although Conner was very appreciative of Trump’s decision, O’Donnell expressed her distaste with Trump’s choice and knocked Trump himself, calling him a “snake-oil salesman” and “not a self-made man.”

Also, O’Donnell has slammed the Miss USA Organization itself. According to “People Magazine,” O’Donnell said, “Miss America is the prestigea different thing. It’s basically a model competition. Let’s be realistic.”

Trump has stood by his decision for Conner, saying that he is a believer in second chances for people.

Conner put it best after the press conference last year when Trump announced his decision. She said, “He [Trump] could have said ‘You’re Fired – he’s a very, very compassionate person.”

With the crown back on her head and her pageant role clearer, Conner now has an opportunity to prove herself worthy of a second chance from the Donald himself.

“You’ll never know how much I appreciate Mr. Trump for saving me on this one,” said Conner.