Owens gives Cowboys needed playmaker

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Sometimes big risks lead to big rewards. Whether in life or in sports, one single moment can define a person. Jerry Jones is hoping that March 18 will go down as a moment that will lead to many wins and possibly championships.

Terrell Owens is now a Dallas Cowboy. Let that sit for a while. The same guy that tore up the Cowboys for years, both in Philly and San Francisco, will now be wearing the historic star on those silver helmets.

We all know his history. We all know the cancerous effect he has had on teams. He single-handedly tore the Philadelphia Eagles apart with his rift with Donovan McNabb and head coach Andy Reid. But this time, in this situation, it fits.

Here are the Dallas Cowboys, who for the past eight years have been avoiding the issue that they needed a go-to offensive threat. Not since the days of Michael Irvin has there been a dynamic receiver that can go across the middle and turn a 15-yard completion into a 65-yard touchdown.

TO brings that.

He brings the downfield threat that should open up an offense that relied on managing the clock and picking spots to go deep with Terry Glenn.

This could also blow up in the Cowboys face. He could once again bring down his quarterback, this time Drew Bledsoe. He and Bill Parcells could be best of friends or worst of enemies. The point is this though – the Cowboys needed to take a chance.

Dallas has seen the division get stronger with the Redskins and Giants both making big strides the past couple of seasons. Parcells is under a new contract for two more seasons but we all know this could once again be his last season.

The time to win is now for the ‘boys in silver and blue.’ There should be no more excuses.

The offense is loaded Bledsoe, Julius Jones, Jason Witten, TO and Glenn. The offensive line has been re-tooled with the signings of veteran Jason Fabini and Kyle Kosier, not to mention the returns of Flozell Adams and Larry Allen.

The defense is up and coming with young stars such as Demarcus Ware, Terrence Newman, Marcus Spears and Roy Williams.

In other words, there is no more dancing around the question on whether or not this is a Super Bowl caliber team. The Seattle Seahawks were in the ‘big game’ last season, enough said.

The NFC is wide open and don’t be surprised if TO is the move that takes this team over the top.

The only other question regarding Owens is what will be his first TD celebration?

George Teague is remembered in Dallas for one thing and one thing only. He protected the star when TO did his famous pose on the star at Texas Stadium after scoring his second TD with the 49ers.

As TO said in his press conference last Saturday, “I’m here to embrace the star.” Enough said. Once you become a Cowboy you will always be one.

Now it’s time for fans to give him a chance and watch the glory days return.