Lessons in propaganda

12 years ago Comments Off on Lessons in propaganda

I come to you with a great concern. Today I was subjected to something of which I’ve never experienced. Political propaganda teaching! Before I begin to ramble on about what exactly made up that experience, let me first point out a few things about myself. As a recent member of the U.S. Army, I’ve experienced many things, traveled to many different countries (13) and have had the opportunity to serve this country during a time of war. Besides the fact that I’m a veteran of the War on Terror, I’m a husband, a brother, a son and an American, nothing besides what happened today could have set all those things aside. As I sat in class today, I was in no means anticipating what was to happen actually happening. My professor, which will remain nameless, opened the class up for discussion. Well what he considered to be discussion. He began to criticize and critique each and every world event which took place over the weekend. From the Iran IAEA situation, to the Danish cartoon rendition of Mohammad and the events that unfolded thereafter; nothing was escaping his own political viewpoint, nothing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally recognize that professors are entitled to their own opinions or views but to stand up in front of a class behind a podium and spit “Anti-American” propaganda about the war in Iraq and our entire stance in that area of the world is just wrong. “We’ll never win the war over there” or “those people [meaning the Arab community in that region] hate you because you’re American.”What message is this sending to students who are on the verge of experiencing a change like no other. What would Martin Luther King, Jr. have said if he heard that “there’s no way that you [the student in class today] and ‘those people’ could live together?” I know exactly what he did and would say. Besides the fact that this professor’s pessimism was so atrocious, when students were trying to correspond with him or make their own points valid, their opinions were shut down. There was no recourse of discussion or any opportunity for rebuttal. Being a Texas resident, tax-payer and tuition-payer, I find it totally and utterly wrong for a professor to spend the entire class period spitting his political propaganda out on the class room congregation, who in fact only attend the class to engage in learning the philosophical ideas of politics, not U.S. Middle Eastern Foreign Affairs. I may not be the first one to acknowledge this behavior, but I won’t be the first to be quiet about it. What happened today was very saddening and discouraging. I thank you for your time to this and hopefully in the future, instead of having a pessimistic/one-sided argument, there can be a multi level discussion. – Veteran