Staying fit over Christmas break

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The holidays are a stressful time for students because it means the end of the semester is approaching and finals are on our minds. It also means our money flow is dwindling with Christmas presents taking up a lot of our budgets.

However, stress and money are not the only things increasing. You have heard of the “freshmen fifteen.” Now we have the “seasonal seven.” Petra Kolber, of ‘Health Magazine,’ was featured on a recent episode of the ‘Early Show’ on CBS.

Kolber said that people on average gain seven pounds in between Thanksgiving and New Year’s eating all the various holiday foods. Students run the risk of this weight gain because most students go home for the holiday break. This means home cooked meals, less walking because of no class and the luxury of being lazy to recover from a long fall semester.

However, there are ways to keep yourself from being apart of the statistic. According to ‘Health Magazine,’ some of the ways to keep from overeating during those family gatherings is to eat before you go to the event. Kolber said eating a small salad or a snack will cause one to not overeat on the less healthy foods.

Another way to not over splurge is to choose food that you really want and not something you can get all the time. “Make the decision ahead of time of what you will eat at the party. It is a matter of control,” said Dr. Martha Bass, assistant professor in the health and kinesiology department.

Although watching what your intake is during those holiday parties is important, exercise is the other part of the battle to keep the weight from coming. Students at Sam Houston use the HKC to exercise because it is free and convenient during the semester.

Bass said the holiday food and the lack of exercise is a big part of the holiday weight gain.

“One thing [students can do] is to definitely maintain their regular exercise program if they already have one,” said Bass. “That will reduce your caloric intake.”

According to ‘Health Magazine,’ one option is to exercise early in the morning. However, students most likely won’t be waking up early so another option is to exercise in between your television shows. This is known as the 20-20-20 rule. During commercials do 20 push-ups, 20 crunches and 20 squats and by the time your show is done, you will have had a good workout.

Many students are stressed enough with finals, grades and next semester worries, so it is good to not have to worry about the stress of weight gain during the well needed holiday break.