Great American Smokeout’

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This month, the American Cancer Society will sponsor the 29th annual Great American Smokeout, designed to help smokers quit cigarettes for at least one day and they hope forever. Studies have shown that more people quit smoking and other forms of tobacco on this day than any other day of the year.

The Student Health Center will host the Great American Smokeout today in the LSC Mall Area from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. The SHC will highlight the dangers of tobacco use and the benefits of quitting, as advised by the American Cancer Society.

“The average smoker tries to quit five times before he or she is successful, said Michelle Lovering, SHC programming coordinator. “Smoking cessation is very challenging, but the Great American Smokeout is a great day to quit with others so that you can go through the tough times together.”

In the United States, tobacco use causes nearly one in five deaths, killing nearly 438,000 Americans each year and is the single most preventable cause of death in our society, according to the American Cancer Society

“Smoking cessation is the single most cost-effective public health intervention for adults,” said Dr. Tom Hill, SHC medical doctor.

Students who commit to quit will receive a free quit kit that includes information about smoking and other items to help smokers stop. Smokers who sign a smoking cessation contract will be entered into a drawing to receive gifts from local business.

A free carbon monoxide screening with the “Smokerlyzer” will also be available to students.

“The Smokerlyzer is a great tool to monitor levels of carbon monoxide, said Lovering. “It is a poisonous gas that can remain in the blood stream for up to 24-hours after smoking,” she continued.

According to the Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Survey administered from 2003-2004 at SHSU, which included questions about tobacco use, approximately 23% of students reported that they had not smoked a cigarette in the past 30 days.

Non-smokers are also invited to participate in the Great American Smokeout. The SHC would like to prevent non-smokers or social smokers from becoming regular smokers.

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