Bringing music to your ears

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Fall is officially upon us and tests are pouring down like leaves off trees. And along with the growing mountains of papers and assignments that pile up more as the semester’s end draws near, comes students longing for some type of escape.

The most popular solution for this problem around campus is to plug in a pair of earphones and enjoy your favorite tunes while walking to your next class.

However, sometimes even your trusty MP3 player cannot provide enough volume power to block out the hectic daytime sounds of rambunctious students or a monster truck thundering around campus.

Being determined to discover some way to listen to music without having to blow out my eardrums, I decided to investigate the market for the ultimate pair of earphones.

After much googling and internet surfing for the perfect product, I finally met my destiny when I stumbled upon the Shure E2c sound isolating earphones.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I pounced on this product and, like a little child on Christmas Eve, waited eagerly to put it to the “campus test.” The result was better than I could have ever imagined.

Unfortunately, my first experience using these headphones turned very wrong when I discovered that while I was testing them out, my loving girlfriend had been talking to me for the past half hour. This was very good for the product but not so good for me. So I apologized to her and continued on my self-determined venture.

Next while walking to campus, I crossed the ever so busy and very noisy street of Sam Houston Avenue. I was soon amazed to find that not only was there no background noise interrupting my eureka experience but that I could also hear parts of my music I had never noticed before.

This was excellent, but there was one final test that would make or break this product. A trip through the mall area.

While walking to the dreaded mall area, I saw music stands up with speakers bigger than my little sister and began to doubt whether this product could sustain what was about to come. Despite feeling that this was the only place in the universe where a force such as noise can move from low to high density, I started forth.

To my surprise, the only things I heard were the serenading tunes of my own music.

Forget about those cheesy airline commercials, if you really want to get away then consider the E2c earphones from Shure.