Financial aid head answers questions at SGA meeting

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The Student Government Association held their weekly meeting Tuesday. They had questions answered from the head of the Financial Aid Department regarding students concerns and provided financial assistance for an Un-Funded Organization (U.F.O.).

In attendance was head of the Financial Aid Department Ms. Patricia Mabry, Assistant Director of Financial Aid Tammy Paris and Graduate Counselor Terri Colley.

These representatives answered questions about the Financial Aid process and addressed other complaints that students had.

“When you fill out the FAFSA, and you are selected for verification, the financial process slows down because there is more paper work to fill out,” said Mabry.

The Loan Status Program, Awards by Web and Loans by Web are all set up for students to have access to their loan process online and in theory speed up the process.

Financial Aid has set up workshops in the past to enlighten students on the updated financial aid process but have discontinued those workshops because of lack of student attendance and participation. Students are recommended to use the Financial Aid Tracking System on Sam Web to send their questions and/or requests to the Financial Aid

office and to use the loan status program to know what their next step is in the process of their loan.

“The loan status program was established to help students track their student loan process online,” said Tammy Paris.

A mentoring program is also in the works. The program will provide peer counselors to help with questions and problems that students have about the Financial Aid process. Peer counselors will be trained to work the front desk.

The SGA also passed a U.F.O for the Noir Apparel Organization and the premiere Fashion Interns of America. The funds will assist the Noir Apparel Organization to have their “Moulin Rouge Halloween costume ball” on Oct. 31, Halloween night.

“The Noir Apparel Organization is Sam Houston State’s premier fashion organization on campus, and it is open for anybody to join,” said President Willie Dean.