Judy Kayse should resign from position

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Dear Editor,

We as a society must take heed to warnings of people who represent us. There is a major issue in Huntsville and on campus. Judy Kayse, a Huntsville city council lady has made racial remarks about Oliver George, a fellow SHSU student, who is opposing her in the upcoming election. This is 2005 and not 1865, people are all strips black, white, green and yellow has the right to serve their respective communities. I asked that Mrs. Judy Kayse to resign her seat and also drop out of the race.

These types of people constitute an Axis of Cancer, which is the cancer that plagues the democracy, and the working government with racial and religious hatred. This cancer must be cut out from all types of government from the court house to the White House. I asked that every citizen in this great society of ours to beware of those we have sent to power.

Justin Williams