Essay contest deadline extended

12 years ago Comments Off on Essay contest deadline extended

The American Democracy Project has extended the deadline for its “essence of democracy” essay contest to Oct. 17 due to Hurricane Rita.

The contest is open to students, faculty and staff, and the winner of each category will receive $1,000.

Faculty and staff should write a 20-page paper on “The Soul of Democracy,” graduate students should write a 15-page paper on “Living Democratically” and undergraduate students should write a paper on “Why Democracy?”

Papers for all three categories should be double-spaced and in APA style. The length of the paper excludes references.

Winners will be selected after each essay is blindly reviewed by members of the department of English and foreign languages, for general organization, grammar, style and syntax; then by members of the ADP committee, for consistency, logic, literary value and creative imagination; and finally by a committee of SHSU distinguished professors, who will select the winning essay among the five finalist submissions in each category based on the essay’s overall excellence and literary distinction.

A copy of the essay should be submitted both to Diane Dowdey, Department of English and Foreign Languages, Box 2146 SHSU, as well as to Joyce McCauley, Chair, SHSU American Democracy Project, Box 2119 SHSU.