This is not Christianity’

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Two preachers caused tense moments yesterday at the fountain area, as crowds of people gathered in disagreement to accusations of “sinful activities” by SHSU students.

Matt Bourgault and James Bean are affiliated with Consuming Fire Campus Ministries, a group that travels to college campuses all over the country preaching their Christian beliefs.

Bourgault, a self-described “bible-believing preacher from Florida” has managed to cause disturbances at campuses across the country, and had sharp words for just about everyone present yesterday.

Bourgault, who has been escorted off campuses in the past by police, accused Sam Houston students of being “fornicators” and “masturbators,” at one point unraveling a condom and waving it about as he spoke of AIDS.

“Brother Matt, are you saying that everyone in a frat is a filthy fornicating bum?” he asked himself. “No. Just most of them. Fifty-one percent or better. Ladies, if you are engaged in premarital sex, what does the bible call you? W-H-O-R-E. What does that spell? Whore!”

Other statements made in his sermon included calling President George W. Bush and his brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, murderers for allowing Terri Schiavo to be taken off of life support.

Students in the crowd initially brushed off Bourgault’s claims by making jokes, however the mood quickly shifted as more people arrived and the situation became heated.

He called the members of the Christian fraternity Chi Alpha “hypocrites,” and told Catholics in the crowd that they were destined for hell.

“Where is your Mary now, you devils?” he asked the crowd.

“This is not an accurate representation of Christianity,” said Chi Alpha leader Kyle Volkmer.

“This man has not wept for this campus,” he added.

Volkmer was among the most vocal of the protesters against Bourgault’s message. He alternately read from a bible and refuted many of Bourgault’s claims.

Other students broke into impromptu choruses of “Amazing Grace” and “Jesus Loves Me.”

At one point, students, led by sophomore Eli Parker, formed a prayer circle (pictured left) in an attempt to drown out Bourgault.

Katharine Homsi, freshman, said, there are more appropriate places for expressions like this.

“There is a time and a place to preach,” Homsi said. “It is not here.”

“To everybody here, this is their new view of what Christianity is,” said senior Duncan Chance. “This is not Christianity.”

When asked why he and Bourgault had come to SHSU, James Bean replied simply, “To save souls.”