Fraternity not allowed on campus next fall due to hazing activities

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The Mu Mu chapter of Sigma Nu fraternity at SHSU will not be active this fall because of hazing. According to Jason Warren, investigative officer for the office of student activities, Sigma Nu violated the university’s no-hazing policy after an incident involving alcohol and the fraternity’s pledges.

“We cannot release further details at this point, but the alleged incident occurred in mid-February,” said Warren. “We are waiting from Sigma Nu’s headquarters to determine the final word, but we know for sure that they will not be here this fall.”

Sigma Nu president Kevin Garrett was contacted several times but declined comment. This marks the demise of yet another fraternity at Sam. Last year, Phi Delta Theta and Delta Tau Delta were placed on probation following a bar fight that escalated into an all out royal rumble at an off-campus residence.

In this day and age, the cost of insuring fraternities can be higher than a toxic-waste dumping company because foolish decisions and irresponsibility lead to deaths, felonies, and bad reputations. Five Colorado fraternity members pleaded guilty on Monday to providing alcohol to a minor in the drinking death of a pledge from Dallas. A fraternity at Chico State in California has been kicked off campus because of its involvement in a porn movie.

Tau Kappa Epsilon president Matt Munsell says these unfortunate incidents and others shadow what fraternities truly stand for.

“Fraternities provide a unique and wonderful opportunity for young men to develop into leaders,” says Munsell. “But sometimes, all you ever hear about is the bad things fraternities do.”