Houstonian adviser retires, ends three-year term

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The Houstonian is a free newspaper for students and faculty on the SHSU campus. They cover most campus events and issues, world news, Bearkat sports, and provide entertainment reports including the latest movies in theaters and bands playing in and around the Huntsville area.

This semester has been filled with numerous events ranging from the continuing parking issues to the protesting preacher in front of the fountain.

“We didn’t get to cover everything, but we did a good job covering what we could for the semester,” said Eric Barton, editor in chief of The Houstonian.

The staff also tried to make world events, such as the Tsunami disaster and the election of the new pope, relate to the students and faculty on campus.

Kuyk Logan, adviser for The Houstonian, is ending his three-year term with the newspaper and the communication department. He has given students insight on the real world through his own experiences and has made The Houstonian what it is today. “As I wind up my three years as adviser to The Houstonian, I look back with pride at the many improvements made by the various staffs. The paper just keeps getting better and better. I will miss the paper and working with our journalism students. What a swell bunch of folks,” said Logan.

Although Logan is leaving, he will not be forgotten because of what he has done for the newspaper and the department.

“This newspaper and institution as a whole will miss Logan. We will be less of a newspaper without him,” said Barton.

Jennifer Westerman will be the editor in chief in the fall of 2005. Currently, she is the layout editor but will soon take on the editor’s responsibilities.

“Jennifer will do a wonderful job as editor in chief,” said Barton. “There will be fewer spelling errors in the newspaper now because she has a good head on her shoulders.”

Another Houstonian staff member feels the paper did well this semester and will continue to progress in a positive way.

“This semester went a lot smoother than I thought it would. I attribute this to my constant pleas to God and the great job Kristi, Jennie, and Kevin did,” said Nancy Hernandez, business manager.