Reducing Irresponsible Drinking Week

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For those who were unable to attend the speaker in the Olsen Auditorium on Monday evening, you missed an eye-opening experience. Story in short:(A young man, who attended Texas A&M Universtity had turned 21 and was celebrating his birhtday with friends at bars around the town. After too many shots of various liquors, he died, having a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.482). His mother was speaking to the audience telling us how to be more aware of how much we drink, and to take care of your friends if they have had too much. You may think they are OK, but in reality they may not be, so to be on the safe side, one might get them appropriate medical attention.

I sat there listening to this boys mother tell the story of her sons death, and I felt as if that could have been my mother telling the audience about me. On March 17, 1998, while visiting a friend at Rice University, Houston, Texas, we all decided it would be appropriate to celebrate St. Patricks Day. The night began with some margaritas at 9:00 p.m. and then shortly after that we began taking shots of vodka. Over a period of two and a half hours (11:00 p.m. – 1:30 a.m.) I had taken 22 shots of vodka. My friends placed me in a shower after I passed out hoping to wake me up, but after three hours in the shower, they relaized my life was in jeapordy because I was not responding. At 5:30 a.m. the paramedics came to the place I was staying, took my vital signs and rushed me to the hospital on a stretcher in an ambulance. I was in the hospital for a six hours or so, and was released after I found my friends to take me home. Three months later I received a letter in the mail from the Rice paramedics along with my BAC. My BAC was 0.446! (NO joke) I later learned that if I had taken shot number 23, I would have been deceased and unable to tell my story to you all. Watch how much you drink; make smart decisions; call for medical assistance – it is better to be safe than sorry. Thank you for letting me tell my story to you all, and when Spring Break rolls around in a week and a half, BE CAREFUL and WATCH OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER!

God Bless,

Brian J. Piccola