Sign language classes offered through Continuing Education

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The office of continuing education is offering a sign language class from March 1 – 24.

“The fundamental purpose of this enrichment course is to learn the basic receptive and expressive skill of sign language, recognize and reproduce the manual alphabet, have numerical knowledge of sign language and be able to converse in sign language through demonstration and practice,” said Carolyn Gaines, coordinator of the office of continuing education.

Gaines believes it is important to learn sign language as a communication tool and wants anyone who has an interest in sign language to join this community-oriented class. “You might have those who are not able to speak in your family, in the classes, in the churches, or at workplaces. You might run into the situations that you need to communicate with sign language in the future. There are advantages to learn it,” said Gaines.

This non-credit course is offered once a year. The evaluation from the previous participants showed that the class met their expectation and it encouraged them to keep learning sign language later on. “It’s very favorable. This is where you start,” added Gaines.

The class will be offered Tuesday and Thursday from 6 – 8 p.m. Anyone who is interested in the course is invited to attend. The course fee will be $79.

For more information, visit the continuing education office, located at 1825 Sycamore at the intersection of Sycamore Avenue and Bowers Boulevard, visit the Web site:, or call (936) 294-3701.