Spring enrollment projected to decrease

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As the flowers bloom and the weather warms, students face another spring semester. As with most spring semesters, enrollment is down. With a smaller student population, parking becomes less of a problem and housing arrangements are not as crowded.

“So far, spring enrollment for 2005 looks like it’s up six percent from last spring semester,” said Brad Cordeau, SHSU Institutional Research.

The projected enrollment for SHSU for the spring ’05 semester is 13,617 students total, as compared to past spring semesters, which totaled 12,816 for 2004 and 12,316 for 2003. Despite the rise in this spring semester students, housing is not a problem.

“There’s no shortage on rooms,” said Dana Grant, assistant director for Resident Life. “Usually during the fall we’re full up but during the spring we have plenty of vacancies. We renovated and opened up Estill Hall to be an all-girls dorm. We’re about 90 percent full for spring. That’s actually average for us. We range from 90 — 95 percent occupancy as compared to the fall when we’re usually at full occupancy.”

Parking is also expected to be less of a problem.

“Enrollment is down so it’s not as congested,” said Colonel Dennis Culak, University Police Department. “I’ve never been here a spring when enrollment is higher than the fall.”