Students undecided on photo attendance

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An opportunity like this only comes around once every 25 years. Sam Houston State University students and faculty are encouraged to be immortalized in history and get out of class with the permission of SHSU President Gaertner.

As a part of the homecoming week festivities and the celebration of the 125th Anniversary of SHSU there will be a panoramic photo taken on Intramural Field #2 at noon today. The activities will begin at 11 a.m. at Austin Hall. Participants will then proceed to the field for the photo and be treated to a piece of an 8-foot birthday cake.

“Sure I’m going. It’s an ego thing, being a part of history. It hasn’t happened in 25 years; why not put my face in the new one. A lot of people I know are going,” said Colby Winzer.

Winzer said his professors had heavily recommended it. Journalism Professor Ruth Pate said, “Some of my students are involved. 125th Anniversary only comes once.”

For various reasons, not everyone will be a part of the photo. “I’ll have to see if I can get up that early,” said Shawn Farrell. Some students don’t have Tuesday and Thursday classes and don’t want to drive in on their days off. “No, I’m going to see my boyfriend,” said one student.

In one class that was surveyed, only three of 16 students said that they planned to attend. The main reasons for not participating were extra time to sleep and a chance to catch up on homework. Almost all who said that they intended to participate said that being a part of history was important to them.

“That picture will be on the wall for a long time. I want to be in it,” said Holly Hawkins.

Copies of the photo will be available for $20 each by logging on to the photographers’ website at