Freedom Fest

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Dear Editor,

In the Sept. 9th issue i read a letter to the editor from a person who was somewhat upset with the fact that the Jolly Fox was holding a “Freedom Fest” on Sept. 11th. This person did not like the fact that The Fox was celebrating and using a tragic event for entertainment purposes. We, The Jolly Fox, will not be slammed by iganorance and obvious immaturity. This person obviously partakes in “libations” way too much, and doesn’t realize that most of our national and sometimes worldly holidays are celebrated by the death of one or groups of people. Christmas, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King, Juneteenth, Independance Day…Must I go on any further. What this person has failed to realize, probably because he was too sauced up at the time, is that he himself has probably celebrated one or more of these so-called holidays with drinking festivities. But did he ever think of the thousands of people who fought and died for our independance, the one’s who died for our country and our freedom, the thousands of people who where enslaved and killed, or the one person who died for all our sins? Again, this person was probably too sauced to realize that. And what do most of us do on these holidays? Drink, eat, and entertain ourselves, with whatever kind of entertainment we enjoy. And yes, Sept 11th was a tragedy. And yes, we will all remember this event as it sets itself in history. But it is wrong to bash us here at the Jolly Fox for wanting to help our community by having an event like Freedom Fest. The only good thing that came about from this letter was that the Jolly Fox is helping our local fire department. I can thank you for that. So why don’t you have another drink or two and get ready for another holiday…

Tom SchwagerThe Jolly Fox